Cirugía veterinaria SURvet

General Veterinary Surgery and Minimally Invasive Surgery

At SURvet we can offer both General Veterinary Surgery and Minimally Invasive Surgery using Laparoscopy techniques. Our medical team have been pioneers in surgical interventions and using innovative technology to optimize results. We perform, amongst others:

  • Fibroendoscopy

  • Neurosurgery

  • Orthopedic Veterinary Surgery, Abdominal Surgery and Thoracic Surgery

  • Interventional Radiology (IR)

Also, if your cat or dog suffers from any type of cardiac problem, we have the Veterinary Cardiology CARvet specialist service available.

Operating Theatre

Our operating theatre is prepared to receive our patients 24hrs/day. It is equipped with all of the necessary technology and fulfils  all of the current regulations. We can perform all types of urgent veterinary surgical operations, at any time of day: weekdays, weekends, holidays, day or night.
The operating theatre is specially prepared for those cases where anesthesia poses a particular risk during surgery.

Apart from our specialist veterinaries,  our medical team includes Technical Veterinary Assistants who participate during surgical operations.

  • If your pet has suffered an accident

    or has any type of emergency call us on 934 594 500
    and we will provide you with all the necessary information.

Cirugía veterinaria SURvet

At SURvet we are #CommittedToCare

“Atendieron a mi perra con mucho cuidado y cariño, nos explicaron todo perfectamente, enseñándonos las pruebas que se le hacían para que las entendiéramos. Además, el trato humano de los veterinarios y auxiliares es muy grande. Nosotros estamos muy contentos.” – Sonia G.

Do you need an Emergency Hospital?

Call us or visit us!

Our 24hr Veterinary Hospital is open to the general public for emergencies when their usual veterinary centre is closed, during night hours and holidays.

Do you need a home emergency visit?

In colaboration with Domivet, we can offer our clients an Emergency Home service for Barcelona, Vallès, Maresme, Bages and many other areas.

Informació per als nostres clients

Des de Survet Diagonal volem comunicar que, en aquests dies de restriccions degudes al COVID-19, romandrem oberts 24h. per donar serveis a les mascotes que ho necessitin. Podeu consultar informació actualitzada en aquest post i també al nostre perfil a Facebook. Gràcies.

Información para nuestros clientes

Desde Survet Diagonal queremos comunicar que, en estos días de restricciones debidas al COVID-19, permaneceremos abiertos 24h. para prestar servicio a mascotas que lo necesiten. Puede consultar información actualizada en esta publicación y también en nuestro perfil en Facebook. Gracias.