veterinario de urgencias SURvet

24hr Accident and Emergencies Hospital

  • If your pet has suffered an accident

    or has any type of emergency call us on +34 934 594 500
    and we will provide you with all the necessary information.

SURvet, a hospital for cats, dogs and other small mammals, is specialised in dealing with critical and urgent cases.
Our medical team is specialised in dealing with emergencies and critical cases: in our 24hr Veterinary Centre we have a permanent medical team to treat minor, moderate or severe cases.

We are open to the general public to deal with emergencies when the client’s regular veterinary centre is closed, at night and during holidays.

veterinario de urgencias SURvet

We offer a collection of integrated veterinary diagnosis and treatment services: a high quality service in the field of Veterinary Emergencies thanks to our modern instalations, designed to guarantee the comfort and well-being of your pet.

At SURvet we are also a Veterinary Referral Centre which means that we treat cases that are sent to us by other veterinary centres and that need:

  •  Diagnostic tests by Imaging (Ecography, Radiography etc.) or laboratory analyses of any type, both of which can be done on-site in our centre

  • We can also transport the patient via ambulance if needed, offer intensive care and admissions

If it is the first time you are visiting SURvet, we recommend that you look at the information in  “Your first visit to SURvet?”, where you can find useful information.

After your visit and/or once your case has been resolved, clients will be provided with all of the diagnostic images (Radiographs, Ecographs etc.) and the analytical test results so  that they can be passed on to the pet’s regular veterinary.

  • You can find us at

    Diagonal, 317 · 08009 Barcelona
    (between Pg. de Sant Joan and Roger de Flor)

veterinario de urgencias SURvet

At SURvet we are #CommittedToCare

“Hace 17 años salvaron la vida a mi gato que se había caído de un quinto piso. Hicieron más que lo posible por salvarlo cuando todo estaba perdido pues estuvo dos semanas en coma. Lo hicieron todo. Y lo consiguieron. Hoy mi gato con 18 años aún vive. Por suerte los tenemos ahí siempre. Gracias de verdad.” – Tony L. S.T.

Do you need to go to an Emergency Hospital?

Call us or visit us!

Our 24hr Veterinary Hospital is open to the general public for emergencies when their usual veterinary centre is closed, during night hours and holidays.

Do you need a home emergency visit?

In colaboration with Domivet, we can offer our clients an Emergency Home service for Barcelona, Vallès, Maresme, Bages and many other areas.

SURvet´s Customer Assessment
of our service May 2024
Survet Star
4.48 / 5 
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