Servicios hospital veterinario SURvet

We are open to the general public to deal with emergencies when the client’s regular veterinary centre is closed, at night and during holidays.

At SURvet you will always find a team available to help your pet. At night or during holiday periods there is a permanent team (made up of Veterinaries and Veterinary Assistants) on standby. They are specialised in dealing with accidents, emergencies and critical cases. They are supported by a duty reception and triage team, specialists, Veterinaries and Auxiliary staff, always ready and prepared to come to the Centre immediately if needed.

  • If your pet has suffered an accident

    or has any type of emergency call us on +34 934 594 500
    and we will provide you with all the necessary information.

Is it the first time you will visit us?

If it is the first time you will visit SURvet, we recommend that you look at the information in “Your first visit to SURvet?”, where you can find useful information.

  • When faced with an emergency, we will provide you with detailed information beforehand regarding the diagnostic tests that the medical team deem necessary

  • We will provide a clinical report regarding the visit and give it to the pet owner and, for referred cases, to the pet’s regular veterinary, including the diagnostic and clinical tests done

  • If you cannot or do not wish to come to the clinic we can provide you and your pet with additional services such as the  Veterinary Ambulance, or, in colaboration with Domivet, the possibility that a veterinary visits your pet at home

SURvet Diagional Veterinary Services

Do you have any doubts? Call us on +34 934 594 500 and we will help you. You can also write to us using our contact form.

The Pioneering centre in Barcelona
specialising in Emergencies and Veterinary Intensive Care

Dynamic, committed medical team

Competent and trained in the management of Emergencies and directed by experienced professionals, specialised in a wide range of Clinical Veterinary fields.


We offer a high quality service in the field of Veterinary Emergencies thanks to our modern installations specifically designed to guarantee the comfort and well-being of your pet.

Your satisfaction matters to us

We provide integrated diagnostic and treatment services to help our clients receive the detailed information they need and to ensure the rapid care, comfort and well-being of our patients.

SURvet´s Customer Assessment
of our service May 2024
Survet Star
4.48 / 5 
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