Servicios para veterinarios SURvet

SURvet is a pioneering Veterinary Centre in Barcelona, specialising in Veterinary Accidents and Emergencies and Intensive Care. We have been a Veterinary Referral Centre since 1995 and offer a series of personalised services to veterinary professionals.

Our hospital is open 24hrs/day, 365 days/year. We only attend the general public when their usual veterinary is closed. With regard to Veterinary Referrals, we offer veterinary professionals a range of systems to assist their clients when requested. Additionally, we can offer specific services such as our Veterinary Ambulance.

If you are a Veterinary Profesional and wish your clients to be receive emergency treatment in SURvet, we have various systems available:

  • Through mailing your clients (newsletter)

  • Using voicemail informative messaging

  • Diverting calls to our centre when your centre is closed

  • Through an informative poster which we can provide for your door

What services do we offer as a Veterinary Referral Centre?

Servicios para veterinarios SURvet
  • Specific diagnostic tests

    Image Diagnosis, (Radiography, Ecography, Endoscopy), Analyses

If you want SURvet to perform specific diagnostic tests for your patients, you only have to write to us. Once our collaboration has been formalised, you can speak to our centre to make an appointment, along with sending a written request.

Once the diagnostic tests have been carried out, we will give the results to your client and send them to you by email, along with the corresponding medical reports if appropriate. You yourself can inform your client, before and after the tests.

  • Veterinary Surgery

    General Veterinary Surgery, Thoracic, Orthopedic, Neurosurgery

Fibroendoscopy, and Minimally Invasive Surgery. Installation of Thoracic drainage and Nutrition catheters… Our operating theatre and medical team are prepared 24h/d, 365d/yr to carry out any type of surgery.

Within our Referral Services you may request any type of surgery for your patients (with a written request describing what is required and any post-surgical treatment for the patient). Alternatively you may refer the case directly to our centre. If subsequent Hospital Admission is required, we can provide a bespoke service where the veterinary professional can indicate the specific characteristics of the care contracted.

  • Admission, Hospitalization and bespoke Intensive Care

    Other services that we offer as a Referrence Hospital

It is a hospitalization and ICU service that professionals can contract with a pre-agreed budget and as such, the client’s regular veterinary has, at all times, full authority and control regarding the tests, treatments and conditions under which their patients are hospitalised in our installations.

Our medical team will provide, in our well equipped, modern installations, permanent surveillance 24×7. Fluids (saline solutions etc.), specific medicines and oxygen therapy can be given where necessary as well as continuous intensive monitoring of the patient during their stay. Furthermore, with our own On-site Laboratory, we can include all the diagnostic tests that the veterinary may deem necessary during the stay.

  • Veterinary Specialities

    We can offer Veterinary specialties to those medical centres that require them

Within our medical specialities, and taking into account our position as a Veterinary Referral Centre, at SURvet we can provide you with the following services:

  • Surgery: Surgery service headed by Dr. Ignasi Pulido.
  • Internal Medicine and Intensive Care Medicine: Internal Medicine service headed by Dr. Itala Sunyer.
  • Dermatology with Carlos Vic, Ophthalmology with Dani Ripollès.
  • Veterinary Neurology.
  • Veterinary Cardiology: our CARvet service guided by Dr. Oriol Domènechand your team.
  • Service especially oriented to emergencies

    25 years experience dealing with accidents and emergencies

One of the cornerstone medical services we offer is that of dealing with emergencies in the hospital for referred centres, particularly at times when the regular centre cannot or does not provide this service for their clients (night hours, weekends and holidays).

Hospital Emergencies: When a veterinary centre sends us an urgent patient, when the visit is finished we prepare a complete report of the clinical actions taken and hand over the tests and results to the client so that they can be passed on to their regular veterinary.

  • On-Duty and holiday coverage

    We can cover your clients needs during holiday periods

We can provide professional veterinaries with the possibility of leaving their clients under our supervision during holiday periods or when working reduced hours (e.g. summer timetable).

Our medical team can attend your clients until the regular veterinary is available again. After the service has finished we send by email the reports of all of the visits.

The Duty Service does not include for example, vaccinations or other procedures that can wait until the regular veterinary returns. It is possible for the regular veterinary to agree the specific characteristics of the service.

Servicios para veterinarios SURvet

Do you have any doubts? Call us on +34 934 594 500 (Mon-Fri) and we will help you. You may also sign up  through this form.

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We offer a high quality service in the field of Veterinary Emergencies thanks to our modern installations specifically designed to guarantee the comfort and well-being of your pet.

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We provide integrated diagnostic and treatment services to help our clients receive the detailed information they need and to ensure the rapid care, comfort and well-being of our patients.

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