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25 years work excelling our clients' expectations

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The Pioneering centre in Barcelona
specialising in Emergencies and Veterinary Intensive Care

Dynamic, young medical team

Competent and trained in the management of Emergencies and directed by experienced professionals, specialised in a wide range of Clinical Veterinary fields.


We can offer a high quality service in the field of Veterinary Emergencies thanks to our modern installations specifically designed to guarantee the comfort and well-being of your pet.

Your satisfaction matters to us

We provide integrated diagnostic and treatment services to help our clients receive the detailed information they need and to ensure the rapid care, comfort and well-being of our patients.

Informació per als nostres clients

Des de Survet Diagonal volem comunicar que, en aquests dies de restriccions degudes al COVID-19, romandrem oberts 24h. per donar serveis a les mascotes que ho necessitin. Podeu consultar informació actualitzada en aquest post i també al nostre perfil a Facebook. Gràcies.

Información para nuestros clientes

Desde Survet Diagonal queremos comunicar que, en estos días de restricciones debidas al COVID-19, permaneceremos abiertos 24h. para prestar servicio a mascotas que lo necesiten. Puede consultar información actualizada en esta publicación y también en nuestro perfil en Facebook. Gracias.